After the application is approved by MPCB to sit for the examination, the Certification Program Manager will pre-register the applicant by entering them into IC&RC's test registration system. They will receive an automatically generated email with instructions regarding how to choose their own date, time, and location for the examination.

Examinations are administered on demand at designated testing centers. Through IC&RC's scheduling platform, the applicant will be able to choose their own examination site when they schedule their examination. The Certification Program Manager will notify applicants of their exam pre-registration as well as provide information about study materials and resources.

The IC&RC Candidate Guide for the PS Exam provides in-depth details for the applicant.

Exam Details

  • Once you receive the registration link, you have one year to take the exam.
  • To schedule and sit for the exam, applicants must register using their legal name as listed on their government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.). If the name on the application/registration does not match your photo ID, the testing site will not allow you to sit for the exam. You will then be required to reschedule and pay an additional examination fee. Additionally, professionals needing to retake the exam must wait 90 days after the originally scheduled test date.
  • This computer-based exam is administered in several Montana cities. Click to view the current exam locations.
  • The testing fee is included in the initial application fee. Subsequent exams will have to be paid for by the applicant.

Exam Content

  • 150 questions
  • 3 hours to complete
  • The exam includes the following six IC&RC domains:
    • Planning and Evaluation (30%)
    • Prevention Education and Service Delivery (15%)
    • Communication (13%)
    • Community Organization (15%)
    • Public Policy and Environmental Change (12%)
    • Professional Growth and Responsibility (15%)

*Special Accommodations may be available. Please contact the Certification Program Manager for additional information at