To start the recertification process, you must sign in to your Certemy account. Here are the requirements needed for recertification:

  • Contact Information: You must check that all of your contact information is current, and if not make any necessary updates.
  • Educational Requirements: At least 40 hours of continuing education in prevention-specific training/workshops/classes are required every two years. This includes the required 6 hours in Ethics in Prevention received within the two-year recertification cycle. A maximum number of 12 hours for each domain for renewals is accepted, except for Professional Growth, which is capped at 4 hours.
    • You will be asked to upload the training information for each training certificate you submit, just like with the initial certification.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure your trainings align with the certification requirements and IC&RC Domains, as well as applying specific domains to your trainings.
  • Code of Ethical Conduct: You must review the most recent Code of Ethical Conduct and answer the attestation questions stating you will uphold the ethical conduct codes.
  • Continuing Education Verification: You are required to follow the directions in Certemy to summarize how the submitted hours of continuing education apply to prevention work. Answer the questions and provide any applicable documentation.
  • Pay Recertification Fees: View the fees here.