The IC&RC promotes establishing and recognizing minimum standards to provide reciprocity for certified professionals. Reciprocity means individuals who hold IC&RC credentials may transfer their credentials to any of the IC&RC’s 73 member organizations.

Reciprocity refers to the process of transferring credentials from one jurisdiction to another. Provided the jurisdiction has reciprocity, professionals who hold eligible certifications can transfer their credentials between jurisdictions.

How it Works

Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. Professional contacts the board in the jurisdiction to which they want to relocate to learn about the requirements to reciprocate credentials.
  2. Professional contacts current board for application for reciprocity.
  3. Professional completes the application and returns it to current board.
  4. Current board verifies application and eligibility for reciprocity, then sends it to IC&RC.
  5. IC&RC confirms the application, notifies the professional, and sends it to the requested board.
  6. New board contacts the professional and issues new credentials.

For more information and resources regarding the reciprocity process, please visit the IC&RC Reciprocity page.

MPCB Reciprocity Process

Outgoing Reciprocity
Your board must send to IC&RC:

  • Application for Reciprocity (completed by applicant)
  • Credential Verification Report (completed by your board representative)
  • Payment

Incoming Reciprocity
You will receive the Reciprocity Approval Notification directly from IC&RC. If you receive anything regarding an incoming reciprocity from another board, that is incorrect procedure and you should notify IC&RC.

Reciprocity Procedure for Applicants

  1. Applicant contacts current board for reciprocity information and the Application for Reciprocity.
  2. Verify that the reciprocity is possible by contacting the requested board or    Checking the IC&RC Member Board Directory.
  3. If an applicant’s credential is about to expire, advise the applicant to recertify with their current board before reciprocating. In order to avoid credentials expiring during the reciprocity process, credentials must be valid for at least 30 days at the time of application.
  4. Applicant sends completed Application for Reciprocity and payment back to current board.
  5. The Board forwards applicant’s Application for Reciprocity, payment, and Credential Verification Report to IC&RC ( Do not send these forms to the requested board.
  6. The Credential Verification Report must be completed by an IC&RC member board representative.
  7. The reciprocity is complete when the requested board receives a Reciprocity Approval Notification from IC&RC.
  8. Upon receipt of a Reciprocity Approval Notification, the requested board issues a certificate or notice of acceptance to applicant.