The primary purpose of certification is to ensure that professionals in any given field meet high standards of performance. Certified professionals have completed a rigorous process to demonstrate they possess the competency necessary to provide quality services. To earn an MPCB credential, all applicants must complete the application process. The application process ensures that each applicant provides verifiable documentation demonstrating they have met the necessary education, training, and experience standards.

The MPCB offers two main application routes: Standard and Legacy. The Standard process is for individuals who will meet all requirements and must pass the examination. Legacy, once known as Grandfathering, is a sub-set of Standard, offered for a limited time only, for those with at least 5 years of experience in prevention. Legacy candidates will not be required to take the exam. Legacy will only be offered for a 90 day-window. MPCB will only open the Legacy window in three nonconsecutive 30-day increments for a total of 90 days. Once the 90-day window is closed the last time, Legacy will never again be an option.