Requirements for Recertification

1. Timeline
  • CPS certification is valid for 2 years. The MPCB could change to annual after the first two years after considering operational capacity and other factors.
  • Renewal dates are based upon the initial certification date.
  • Individuals can add continuing education trainings to the online application system at any time during the two-year recertification cycle.
  • If the recertification requirements are met before the expiration date, the candidate’s application will be reviewed by the Prevention Specialist Certification Committee.
  • It is recommended that the recertification application be submitted at least 3 months before the expiration date. This prevents the certification from expiring.
2. Hour Requirements
  • 40 hours of continuing education in prevention-specific trainings/workshops, etc. are required every two years
  • Hours should correspond to the IC&RC Domains.
    • A maximum number of 12 hours for each domain will be accepted, except for the Professional Development domain.
    • Professional Growth and Responsibility – only 4 hours will qualify in this category. This includes general, non-prevention-specific behavioral and public health trainings and/or conferences.
  • Of the required 40 hours of continuing education, 6 hours of ethics training is required.

3. Training Restrictions & Limitations

  • Submission of duplicate courses taken within the two-year renewal cycle is not permitted.
  • Continuing education hours must have occurred during the two years between the certification date (or previous renewal date) and the date of expiration. For example, if the MPCB certificate was earned in June 2017, then the continuing education hours submitted must have been earned between June 2017- June 2019.

4. Training Documentation – Certificates of Attendance

  • Certificates of attendance/completion are required to verify training hours.
  • Certificates of completion should include the following:
    • training center/organization name
    • trainer’s name
    • professional’s name
    • hours completed
    • date of training
  • Conference or training agendas/brochures do not meet the requirements for evidence of training completion.

5. Recertification Fees

  • $175 Renewal Fee
  • Lapsed Certifications: All certified professionals should review the recertification application well in advance of the expiration date. A Reinstatement Fee of $150 is due after the 90-day grace period. After 12 months, recertification is not possible, and an applicant will have to reapply for the certification, meeting all current requirements.